By Jenni Wirtz | 8 February, 2022

Pressing emissions standards in vehicle manufacturing have resulted in smaller engines going into the passenger cars of today. Often though, to make up for the loss in power delivered by a smaller engine, the horsepower is topped up by the addition of a turbocharger.

The boost in power delivered by a turbocharger isn’t as viable for long-term durability of the vehicle as naturally aspirated power; turbos are subjected to high levels of stress and wear due to the temperature and pressure sustained during its operation.

As the use of turbos become more ubiquitous so do the constituent parts associated with fitment and operation such as turbo hoses. It’s important the hose is of a premium quality in order to withstand severe heat and is constructed of a high-end material to prevent splits and defects, which will cause the turbo to rev higher, and ultimately fail sooner. Turbo defects will also result in a drop in performance, increased emissions, and can cause the vehicle to fall into limp home mode.

Banbury-based First Line Ltd. offers a market leading range of Turbo and Engine Hoses and is regularly expanding its turbocharger hose offering to respond to heightened demand. The range today has more than 750 part numbers, providing excellent vehicle parc coverage and gives technicians a variety of choice for the component.

“It’s often overlooked how important it is to check the condition of the Turbo Hoses and replace them where necessary, especially when replacing a turbo, to maintain optimum performance, whilst ensuring longevity of the components” says Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director of First Line Ltd.

“Traditionally considered a dealer only product, we provide the aftermarket an extensive range of high-end Turbo Hoses. Our products use original equipment (OE) manufacturer materials and connectors, with a thorough testing regime throughout the various stages of manufacturing to give the aftermarket the best product possible,” Roughley adds.

Product identification can be challenging as it’s often difficult for a driver to explain to a supplier which turbo hose needs to be ordered. To help customers, First Line Ltd. has created technical layout drawings for every application so drivers and technicians can pinpoint exactly which turbo hose they need for the job.

“All our First Line products are manufactured by our trusted partners who have been inspected and approved by our expert product team, giving us the confidence to offer a full two year or 24,000 mile warranty from the time the product is fitted,” Roughley comments.



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